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Served in a Bun with your choice of fresh Salad & Sauce. Choose from 1/4lb or 1/2lb.

Beef Burger

From: £2.30

Chilli Burger

With Jalapeno Chillies
From: £2.30

Garlic Burger

With Garlic Sauce
From: £2.30

Cheese Burger

With choice of Creamy Cheese or Sliced Cheese
From: £2.50

Chicken Burger

With Mayonnaise
From: £2.50

Smoky Bacon Burger

From: £2.50

Hawaiian Burger

With Ham & Pineapple
From: £2.80

Special Burger

Smoky Bacon, Onion Rings & Sliced Cheese
From: £2.80

Legend Chicken Burger

With Mayonnaise, Lettuce & Sliced Cheese
From: £2.80